Mary Stanley

My testimony is much like Nathan’s.   I was also privileged to grow up in a Christian home and  I asked Jesus to come into my heart at the young age of 5, after realizing that I was a sinner and needed Christ’s blood to cover those sins so that I could go to heaven.  I was baptized a few weeks later by my grandpa.  After that point I mostly tried to do what was right in order to please my parents, along with God. 

It wasn’t until about 10 years later that God really got ahold of me, when my family and church family took our first missions trip to Mexico.  While there I saw so many things that completely broke my heart!  So many people, so hungry for God’s Word- something that I had been taking for granted for so long!  It was on July 31, 2002 at almost midnight that I knelt beside my bed and told God that I would do anything and go anywhere that He led, a decision I know I will never regret!  That year, my family moved to Mexico as full-time missionaries.  Those 2 years of being on the field were more than amazing!  I was able to see God work in so many miraculous ways, which only solidified my decision.

After I graduated high school I moved back to the states to go to college.  This is when God brought Nathan into my life, and I fell head over heals:)  I am so blessed that I was able to marry my best friend! 

Since then we have been serving together in whatever way we can at our church, Turning Point and Calvary, while also working to complete Nathan’s degree.  When we got married we both knew we were called into full-time ministry, but we weren’t sure in which capacity.  Over the past 4 years though God has been leading us and as Nathan has said, we feel called to work in Mexico reaching the lost and one day setting up a seminary to train local pastors.    We are so excited to get going and to see God’s plan as everything unfolds!

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