20/20: A Gospel Vision For Oaxaca

The “20/20 Gospel Vision for Oaxaca” is a campaign that is being launched in the final month and a half before we leave for our first full-term in Mexico to allow us to finish out our necessary fundraising in order to be able to go to the field on January 1st.

The “20/20 Gospel Vision for Oaxaca” campaign’s goal is to pray that God will raise up 20 Christians with a passion for seeing Christ glorified through the preaching of the Gospel in Oaxaca who will commit to donating $20 each month for this cause for at least one year starting in January of 2011.

Maybe you can do less than $20/month or maybe you can do more. Maybe the Lord is leading you to just make a one-time gift that can be used over the course of the year or to cover one-time expenses such as moving. Whatever the case please pray about what the Lord might have you to do whether it be financial or prayer support.

Remember all donations are completely tax-deductible!!! If the Lord is leading you to be one of these who will step up and help send out the Gospel to Oaxaca please take a look at the brochure link below or print out the donation form located uner the donation tab.  Just mail in the form with your first gift and you will recieve a tax reciept back along with a pre-addressed envelope for the following month.  Thanks for your prayers and support!

20/20: A Gospel Vision for Oaxaca, Mexico

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