September Update – 2010


As I set down to write this update I’m realizing we have put about 53,000 miles on our little Volkswagen Jetta this year between traveling back and forth from Mexico and churches! That means that if we had maintained an average speed of 70 m.p.h we would have been sitting in our Jetta driving for just over 757 hours or the equivilant of 31.5 days over the past 9.5 months! I don’t know who is more tired, us or the Jetta! We have had a wonderful time this years presenting the burden God has laid on our hearts for the Indians of Oaxaca in churches and getting to know many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ but we are very excited that our time on deputation is winding down. If the Lord allows in about 72 days we will be in Mexico! We were very excited this last month that the Lord allowed us to make arrangements to rent a house starting in January! Right now we’re at 10 months without our own house so we are very excited to be able to look forward to a place to call home again!

The month of September was a very slow month for us! For one reason or another meetings were hard to schedule during this time and we also had a meeting cancellation. The Lord did allow us a few opportunities to present in churches in Indiana and Iowa which we were very grateful for. Also several individuals stepped up and provided us with financial support that was a huge blessing as we prepared to start our fall schedule in earnest during October. Starting October 3rd the Lord has blessed us with meetings for nearly every service through the remainder of the year! Please pray with us that these meetings will be productive in sharing our burden to see Christ glorified by the preaching of the Gospel in Oaxaca, Mexico and in raising prayer support toward this cause. We are currently at about 60% of our total monthly financial goal thanks to various churches and faithful men and women of God who love missions and desire to see the Gospel preached. We have churches and individuals supporting the ministry from $10/month all the way up to $500/month. Every dollar that comes in puts us closer to our goal of preaching the Gospel in Oaxaca to the glory of Christ. We truly appreciate everyone who currently supports us both financially and in prayers. Please continue to pray with us that we will be able to reach 100% of this financial goal by January 1st!

We also received some very good news during the month of September, Mary is expecting again! She will be due around May 25th which means that the baby will be born in Mexico. As many of you know we have been praying for another baby for a while now and we are so thankful that God has allowed Mary to get pregnant. Please pray for Mary over the next few weeks as she deals with good old morning sickness and driving hours upon hours in the car which, as it turns out, don’t mix so well! Also, little Sam continues to do extremely well on his seizure meds with no seizures in months now! Thanks for your prayers for him!

Don’t forget to check out our website,, for much more information about the ministry and for more detailed prayer requests. Also you can keep up with us while we are traveling on facebook at our page, stanley’s2mexico. Thanks again for your faithful prayers, words of encouragement and financial gifts. If you have any questions or would like to talk with us further about the ministry feel free to email us at, [email protected], or call us at 904-993-7834.

In Christ,
Nathan, Mary, & Little Sam

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