February Travel Update – 2012

We wanted to send out a quick note to ask everyone to be in prayer tommorrow as we travel to Oaxaca!  Nef, little Sam, and I will be leaving around 7am with the suburban and trailer.  It should be about a 3 day trip if all goes well!  Mary and Jack will be following on a bus in a few days after I have the house put together and in living condition.  Please be in special prayer for safe travels with no car trouble or other issues, Mary and Jack as they travel alone down to meet us, and the finances needed to cover the cost of the move. We have so much more to update everyone on and we will send out a longer update once we get to Oaxaca.  Thanks for all your prayers and support!
In Christ, Nathan


Hello All,

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Nathan´s travels for today.  We currently do not have internet service at the childrens home so I am paying for internet service at an internet cafe in Jerez.  We have not had internet since Monday, so hopefully it will be fixed soon!
Nathan, Nef and Sam left this morning around 9 am.  It has been raining here all day, but I was praying that the direction that they were traveling there would be better weather for them.  Unfortunately not.  The suburban and trailer are seriously loaded down with the contents of our entire house, so the rain made me extra nervous.  They were also stopped for quite a while at a checkpoint where the police told Nathan that his paperwork and permission for the trailer wasn´t correct so they were going to confiscate it!  After a while of arguing, Nathan ended up paying them $200 pesos and they let him go.  Of course the paperwork for the trailer is correct.  So it has been a long day for the guys, and they are stopping sooner than Nathan had planned, but with the bad weather it is already dark and it isn´t safe to be traveling at night. Hopefully traveling will go better tomorrow, with no more unexpected expenses!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers!
In Christ,

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