June – 2011


It is hard to believe the year is half over already!  I want to start out by saying a big thank-you for all your prayers in regards to the suburban’s transmission.  The mechanic said that because it had set for so long all the seals were bad and when they failed the fluid leaked out allowing the transmission to fail.  Thanks to the generous support of a few churches including our home church, Turning Point at Calvary, we were able to have the transmission rebuilt and all the other bad seals replaced!  What a blessing!

We were also blessed by lots of company this month, including family and friends.  One of whom is a member from one of our supporting churches, Jordan Parks, who stayed with us for 10 days.  The kids at the home loved him to death, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lord was calling him into some sort of childrens ministry.  He was great with them!

 This last month has definitely been one of the busiest of the year so far.  Remember the septic system I mentioned last month?  Well the repair that I thought we had completed turned out to be the tip of the ice burg!  A few days after our last update the yard at the Children’s Home started flooding with sewage water again.  I went out with some of the boys and started digging up the lateral lines coming out of the tank only to discover there were not any… at least not anymore.  At some point the lateral lines had failed and a prior repair attempt had resulted in a rubber hose being placed to run the raw sewage directly into the river without any laterals.  The hose had recently unattached from the tank do to being driven over by a large truck which caused the flooding.  With the help of a few guys from Alabama and Missouri here on a missions trip we dug up all the old lateral lines and placed completely new laterals in which should fix the problem.  It was very dirty, smelly, and hard work but thankfully it is all done and Lord willing will resolve the persistent sewer issues the home has had. 

This month we also had the church’s annual VBS with the help of a missions group from Alabama.  The VBS was four days long and had us all busy running vans and the suburban to pick up people, teaching lessons, and playing with the kids.  At one point we had 28 people crammed into our 9 passenger suburban, and the final night we had a turnout of 177!!  We had a blast with all the kids but the most important thing was that the Word of God was preached.  Please pray that the power of the Gospel takes root in the hearts of these kids and adults through the power of Christ who alone can grant new life through regeneration. 

Please be in prayer for us over the next few weeks.  We are leaving to head back to the states for a short period of time for my brother’s wedding in Missouri and to see our new niece in Mississippi.  We will also be presenting the work in Oaxaca in a few new churches and visiting some of our supporting churches to give updates.  Please pray for safe travels to the border and throughout the U.S. and for the suburban as this will be its first major road test!  Thanks for all of your support, words of encouragement, and prayers! 

In Christ,

Nathan, Mary, Sam, & Jack

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