2 weeks in Mexico!

Hello Everyone!
It has been two weeks today since we arrived in Mexico, and boy have we been busy!  My dad had to take a last minute trip to the U.S. to help my sister finish up work on her house before her inspection, so we have been filling in for him, or at least trying to.  You have no idea the work that goes into taking care of 36 kids until you actually are responsible for doing it.  Nathan has been doing the running into and out of town taking kids to school, picking them up, buying groceries, preaching etc. and I have been doing the cooking (this doesn’t look as impressive as his long list of chores but it takes all day to cook for that many people).  Nathan also poured a new concrete slab that was needed in one of the courtyards, with some help from some of the boys at the childrens home. Every night we are going to bed completely exhausted, but oh so happy!  I’m trying to think of a way to describe the children here, but each one is so different and unique, I’m just not sure it’s possible to put it into words. 
On top of the regularly crazy life of living at a children’s home, God brought a wonderful 3 day storm along for us to…enjoy:)  It rained non-stop, day and night, which meant there was no way to dry all the kids’ laundry for those days. On top of laundry piling up due to the storm, the ceiling started leaking all throughout the house and we didn’t have enough buckets to try and catch it all:(  In case some of you don’t know, the houses here do not have air conditioners or heaters.  Normally this isn’t a problem because the weather is generally very mild and nice year round.  However, this last week with the storm the temperature dropped down into the 30’s and even snowed one night.  Need I say, we were all pretty cold!!  If you can please pray with us that the weather will stay warmer and that we can find a way to patch the roof without it costing much money.
Tonight we are going to be attending our second youth meeting with the teenagers from the childrens home and as many others that we can round up from town.  Last week we sang a few songs, had a short message and then played some games.  They seemed to really enjoy it and they are all excited about doing it again tonight.  We are praying that this can be used to reach new teens for Christ, and that it will also strengthen and encourage the teenagers from the home. 
Thank you for all of your prayers and support!
Nathan, Mary and Baby Sam

January 2010!

Can you believe it is already 2010?  The Lord has blessed us tremedously over the last month in our travels through Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and many more states visiting family and speaking in a few churches.  However our travels have only just begun!  We are in Florida this week wrapping up at our home church and then we will be heading down to Mexico by the weeks end, how exciting!  We will be there for approximately 2 months aiding my parents in their children’s home before returning back to the U.S. to start on full-time depuation.  Please pray with us that we will continue to have safe travels and that baby Sam can handle a few more days full of sitting in the car.