Hello! My name is Nathan Stanley. My wife and I are missionaries on our way to Mexico! We are very excited to be finally working on deputation! Once we reach full support we will be going to Jerez, Zacatecas to work with my father and mother-in-law at their children’s home. This will serve as our language school and help us to get acclimated to the culture. We are planning on working there for approximately one year depending upon how the Lord leads. After that we feel that the Lord is calling us to the state of Oaxaca to work with indegenious Indians. Our desire is to plant local churches in the municipal seats and market cities of remote mountain villages. From there we will launch outreach programs into the surrounding villages. Our long-term burden is to start a bible institute to train and send out converts back to thier own villages to start local churches. Our desire is not simply to gain “confessions” but true conversions, brought about by the Holy Spirit, that have the power to effect real change in the heart and mind.  Our passionate desire is to see the name of Christ glorified among the nations and in the lives of the Zapotec Indians.  We ask that you would join with us in prayer as we embark on deputation.

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