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If you feel the Lord would have you to join with us in supporting our ministry you may do so by either talking to your pastor about donating through your church or you can send the donation to the Central Missionary Clearinghouse using the form below.  CMC will send you a tax-deductible receipt for your gift and a pre-addressed envelope for any future donations.  Individuals should use the top half of the form and churches should use the bottom half.



PO BOX 219228      HOUSTON TX 77218-9228

 Please fill out this form with your first contribution only. You will receive a receipt along with a pre-addressed return envelope for any future gifts.  Please tear off the bottom of that receipt and return with any future gift.

 DONOR’S NAME___________________________________________________________________

 ADDRESS_________________________________PHONE (_____)______________

 CITY__________________________________ STATE________ZIP_______________


 PLEASE READ:  Contributions to CMC are qualified for Federal income tax deduction as allowed by law. All deductible contributions, whether designated or not, are under the control of CMC. We are committed to honor all designations, and if any designation is unacceptable, the donation will be returned. You must make your check payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse (or simply CMC) to qualify for a tax deduction. Please do not write the name of your missionary on your check. It is illegal to claim a tax deduction for a gift made payable to an individual.



PO BOX 219228       HOUSTON TX 77218-9228

Please fill out this form with your first contribution for your missionary. When you are receipted for this gift, you will receive a duplicate receipt and pre-addressed return envelope to use with any future contribution. Please make your check payable to Central Missionary Clearinghouse (or CMC). Thank You.

 CHURCH  NAME__________________________________________________________



 PASTOR’S NAME_________________________________________________


 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS___________________________________________________________

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