Nathan Stanley

The Lord blessed me by allowing me to grow up in a Christian home. My father is a baptist pastor and my mother has served faithfully with him. They ensured that I was in Church every time the doors were open and sent me to a Christian School, exposing me to God’s Word from an early age. When I was six years old, at a New Year’s Eve service, I saw my need for a personal Saviour and asked Christ to come into my heart and cleanse me from my sins. I would like to say that I was a passionate Christian from that day forward, but as we all do, I had to struggle and grow in my Christian walk.

The Lord used Chrsitan summer camps as pivotal experiences in my spiritual growth. It was while attending a Leadership Camp, at Northland Baptist Bible College, when I was 16 years old that Christ really impressed upon me His call for my life. I was not sure exactly in what capacity He would use me but I dedicated my life to full-time Christian service.

After graduating high school I attended Trinity Baptist Bible College for a year and a half. It was there that I married the girl of my dreams, Mary, on December 10th, 2005. Her parents were missionaries to Mexico and I had known her since high school. While at Trinity I developed a deep passion for Theology and philosophy and decided to pursue a degree in philosophy and religion at a secular university. I hoped that by doing this I would gain a greater ability to understand the framework of our present culture and its attacks on Christianity. In the process I have learned to define and defend my faith from opposing worldviews. I graduated in December 2009 from the University of North Florida and will be pursuing a Masters in Theology from Whitefield Theological Seminary via correspondence while we complete our deputation and language training.

Through this time the Lord has given Mary and I a burden and call for missions. It is our dream to establish Bible Institutes in regions with little to no access to formal theological training to equip local pastors. We will be working with my mother and father-in-law for the first year while I learn Spanish. After this time we feel the Lord would have us to start working with some of the indigenious tribal groups, primarily the Zapotec Indians, in the state of Oaxaca. They live both in remote mountainous regions along the coast in small villages that render traditional missions work difficult at best.  The Lord has called us to establish local, indeginous, self-sufficient, replicating churches in the municipal seats and market cities of south western Oaxaca.  Our  desire is to establish Bible institutes through these local churches in the cities of commerce from which these tribes get their goods to train converts and send them back to their own tribes and families with the glorious Gospel of Christ.  Our goal is not simply “cofessions” but true conversions, brought about by the Holy Spirit, that has the power to change the heart, body and mind.  Our passionate desire is to see the name of Christ glorified and magnified among the nations!

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