Four Days Left!

It’s hard to believe how fast the last two months have gone!  Time goes flies when your taking care of 37 kids!  We are planning on heading back to the United States on Saturday the 20th to start the process of raising prayer and finacial support through deputation.  We still have a busy week ahead, however, with a missions group scheduled to arrive today and little Sam’s 1st birthday on Thursday.  It’s hard to believe our little boy is going to be one!!!  Below are a few items we covet your prayers concerning as we move  into the next phase of our ministry:

1. Safe travels back to the U.S. this coming weekend.  There have been some problems with the border cities due to drug sparked violence so we expecting extra military check points, etc.  Please pray we have a safe, speedy trip without any car problems!

2. We will be starting deputation at the beginning of April.  Please pray that God directs us to the right churches to present our work both to gain finacial and prayer support for our ministry.  We are actively seeking churches to present in so if you would like to have us present in your church please send us the contact information for your pastor.

3.  For the Means family.  They are another missionary family that are finishing deputation this month and will be moving down to Jerez at the end of March.  Please pray that they have safe travels, have no difficulty crossing the broder and that they are able to get settled in quickly.

4.  For the Children’s Home, the Mission Biblica and all the kids here.  We have grown very attached to all the kids and our gong to miss them very much.  Please pray that God continues to work in each of their lives as they grow in their relationship with Him.

Thanks for your prayer support and words of encouragment!

In Christ,

Nate, Mary and Baby Sam

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