March Update

Good Afternoon Everyone!
We have no idea how a month has already passed since our last update, but it has!  How time flies when you are having fun…and taking care of 36 kids.  Let’s see, where to start?
Nathan has been able to preach quite a few Wednesdays now, and he’s really been enjoying it.  The only problem being that he prepares way too much and went over at least 15 minutes the first few times.  So last week when he preached he made a point of cutting the service a little short and it was so funny, all the kids from the children’s home shook his hand and thanked him:)  They all have a great sense of humor!  On a more serious note, after one of his messages Angelito (7 years old) and Lidia (14 years old) felt that it was about time to be baptized!  Here in Mexico that is a big step once you decide to be a Christian.  It’s telling everyone that they are not Catholic and are rejecting the original baptism they received as a baby.  So Nathan was able to preform his first two baptisms!  It was very exciting for us and of course for Angelito and Lidia too. 
Youth nights on Friday have been going great!  Each week the teens ask what time we are leaving because it seems we have to leave a little earlier each time due to picking up new kids in town for it.  We also had a girl at the home, Lupita, who just turned 12 this week and was so excited for her birthday to come, so that she could start going to youth nights too:) 
On to a bittersweet subject, we will be leaving on the 20th to head back to the states to start out on our deputation.  It’s exciting because we will be able to see friends and family (along with having Baby Sam’s 1st Birthday party!) and because we will be moving on to the next step in seeing God provide for us.  We have been contacting different churches trying to set up times for us to come and present our work, so hopefully we will have some scheduled soon.  However it is also a very sad thing for us to think about!  We just can’t imagine leaving the kids at the orphanage here and not knowing when we will see them next.  We were considering just adopting them all…and then we woke up:)
We have a few prayer requests that you can add to your list if you don’t mind.  First of all, we are going to be doing lots of traveling over the next couple months, so if you can pray for safe travels and that the car holds up that would be wonderful!  Also, if you can be in prayer that God will open up doors and provide us with contacts as to where we can be presenting our work.  We already have a couple of churches that would like us to come in June, but we need to fill up April and May first. 
Thank you for all of your prayers and emails.  It’s always good to hear from home!

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